Livestock Risk Protection (LRP)

Risk Protection Against Market Decline

Input costs and livestock prices are the two items that determine your bottom line. You can control your input costs but cannot always control the price you receive for your livestock.  LRP allows cattle and swine producers to protect against declining market prices.  A variety of coverage levels and insurance periods are offered to match the time the livestock would normally be marketed.  LRP provides you the peace of mind that your livestock are covered if prices fall.

Dairy Revenue Protection (DRP)

Protect Yourself from Milk Price Decline

DRP is the newest livestock price insurance product available allowing a dairy producer to protect against declining milk prices. DRP offers Class and Component coverage options for quarterly insurance periods. Coverage may be offered as far out as 5 quarters.


Livestock Mortality

Perils, Motor Truck Cargo, & More

Coverages offered consist of, but not necessarily limited to, Animal Mortality, Specified Perils and Livestock Motor Truck Cargo coverage.